How to get blue tick on Yesmovies App

Yesmovies, the fantastic app for watching movies and TV series, not only offers free access but also provides a premium subscription option to enhance your experience. One of the awesome perks of being a premium member is blue tick on yesmovies account. Similar to Twitter’s verification badge, this Blue Tick signifies a verified account and allows your comments to shine and catch others’ attention. 

What does the blue checkmark mean?

The blue tick means that the account has an active subscription to Yesmovies and meets our eligibility requirements.

Steps to get blue tick on YesmoviesBlue tick on yesmovies

Step 1: Sign Up for Premium: To start your journey to get the Blue Tick on Yesmovies account, sign up for a premium subscription on Yesmovies. With a premium membership, you’ll enjoy ad-free viewing and access to exclusive features, including the coveted Blue Tick verification.

Step 2: Access Your Account Settings: Once you’re a proud premium member, log in to your Yesmovies account and head to the account settings. Look for the “Verification” or “Blue Tick” section, where you can manage your verification status and enable this exciting feature.

Step 3: Enjoy the Blue Tick: Once you get your premium membership, the prestigious Blue Tick will appear next to your username whenever you leave comments on movies or TV series within the Yesmovies app. This special mark verifies your account as a premium user, making your comments stand out and capturing the attention of other users.

Loss of Blue checkmark

Once you cancel your subscription, you’ll lose your blue checkmark from your account. The checkmark will appear again once you again subscribed to Yesmovies.

Getting the Blue Tick on Yesmovies is an exciting privilege that sets you apart and makes your voice heard within the community. By becoming a premium member, you can unlock this exclusive feature and enjoy the benefits of a verified status.

The Blue Tick showcases your dedication to the platform and ensures that your comments gain greater visibility, allowing your thoughts and insights to make a lasting impact. So, take the leap, become a premium member on Yesmovies, and claim your well-deserved Blue Tick. Get ready to shine and make a difference in the streaming community!